Chateau Livran

Tasting by oenologist Eric Boissenot.

Chateau Livran 2009

An intense combination of color and transparence, the tone of profound ruby. A light vanilla flavor adds very pleasant fresh notes of red fruits. The taste is smooth, voluminous, and splendid, sufficiently powerful. Tannins are there, but they are mild, fine and exquisite. Aftertaste is rather long emphasizing harmony which gives rise to pleasure and elegance. The bottle is very nice, it is pleasant to taste this wine which is expected to have bright future.

Chateau Livran 2008

A wonderful ruby color, deep and shining. The fine sense of smell gradually discovers spicy notes of cumin accompanied by the nuances of ripe red fruits. Ripe tannins are obviously tasted manifesting fully and mildly. Intense and rich substance is present. High quality tannins emphasize exquisite and complex harmony.