Dream Hectares
Terroir: argillo-calcareous
Grape: Merlot 55% Cabernet 45%
Density: 5000 plants / ha
Mode of action: efficient land use with organic amendments
Yield: 45 to 50 hl / ha
Harvesting: mechanical

The new owners have started the implementation of a large-scale program for restructuring the old vinery according to which the geological inventory and survey of Château Livran terroirs were one of the first steps. More than eighteen survey-pits the depth of which was from two to five meters proved that the terroirs of Livran were able to give rise to great wines.

Thanks to that survey it has become possible to identify the most valuable areas of argillo-calcareous terroirs situated on limey cliffs approaching the surface which are as good as the best Grand Cru of the Haut Medoc region.

The soil investigation allowed to optimize the site selection for various grapes, what made it possible to pass to a new production strategy, based on careful selection and constant quality control.

The climate of Château Livran located nine kilometers far from the famous Château Lafith Rothschild is also influenced by the sea which saturates vine shoots with water uninterruptedly, which fact, in its turn, contributes to the full-ripening of grapes and their natural tannins.

As for the vineyards, they consist by 55% of Merlot grape variety which prefers argillaceous texture soils providing the wine with fruity scent and mildness, and by 45% of Cabernet Sauvignon which is used for adding an intense flavor and special structure distinguishing the Medoc wines.

The vineyard surface is 27 hectares.