From the Bronze Age to the Golden Age

In the middle of the nineteenth century archeologists who carried out excavations on the territory of Château Livran discovered axes in the occupation layer, therefore, it means that even in the Bronze Age these places were populated. Since then people have not left this land.

On the 22nd of November 1280, when Medoc was under protectorate of England, King Edward I assigned Livran to knights Arnaud and Beraud de Got permitting them to build up a fortress there. So, it was like this how the castle Château Livran appeared! But it was the brother of those two knights, Bertrand, who went down in history for being known as Pope Clement V in 1305-1314, and, besides, he prohibited the Order of Knights Templars in compliance with the decree of King Phillip the Fair …

And although as of today nothing has been left of that fortress the surnames of families which lived here some time ago remind us of the glorious past of this region. Suffice it to say that such names as Soudan de La Trau, Perrier de Larsand, Lambert de Grange symbolize the enlightened France which has realized that wine can clear the way to affluence.

In 1889 those territories were acquired by the Denman family which was well-known in London. From then on the name Château Livran became the standard of comparison for major wine producers and vendors all over the world.

In the middle of the XX century that estate which by that time had become Cru Bourgeois was purchased by French businessman Robert Godfren, and in 2008 the famous Château was bought by a Russian investment fund.