We don’t change history, but we can rewrite it.
We don’t deny myths, but we can revive them.

“If you go northward leaving behind Saint-Estèphe you will see the landscape easily changing. Luminous terrain and impeccable castles give place to true and authentic lands attractive for wandering about. Vineyards are met less frequently, reserved areas and meadows with more rural and liberal lifestyle replace them.

«In medio aquae », the name Médoc is of Latin origin meaning “the land surrounded by water.” It expands like a rippled land in the environment of Gironde, forest and ocean. “O my lonely and wild country,” wrote La Boetie, a friend of Montaigne, when he recollected this peninsula. “It is impossible to resist its unusual charm when vine leaves glimmer in the moist reflections of the river mouth…”

Extract from article The Notes On Castles (Lettres de chateaux), 2011, by Michel Creignou.

“Solokin has also made me discover Château Livran which… I thought to be the best inexpensive wine I have ever tasted.”

Extract from book Miles Gone By: A Literary Autobiography , 2004, by William Franck Buckley, American writer, pamphleteer, man of letters, creator of the National Review

Taste of Tradition

Date: 30.7.2015
In its September issue the newspaper "Sudouest" published an article on the latest preparations for the harvest at Chateau Livran.
Date: 24.10.2012
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